About Jerry Meyer

After retiring from a corporate management career in 2002, I began spending more time making sterling silver and gold Jewelry, a professional hobby that began back in 1975 when I learned the basic methods of metal fabrication. Although I have had no formal training, perhaps some of my skills were inherited from my grandfather. "Daddy Joe" was a farmer in Southern Oklahoma and used old-world blacksmithing techniques to forge needed wagon and harness parts. I fondly remember watching him heat iron using a large hand operated bellows to fan the coals and then forging the red hot iron on an anvil to make the parts he needed.

Except for a couple of years spent in the U.S. Army, I have lived in North Texas all my life and tend to lean toward a "southwestern look" in my jewelry designs. Each item is hand made of sterling silver and copper using basic hand tools, most of which were obtained when I first began this fascinating work. 14k gold is often used to complement some of my silver designs. Most pieces are sold at nearby arts and crafts shows which run from March through mid-December.

My shop is located just west of Sanger, Texas on a 26-acre piece of property shared with 4 horses and an old farm dog named Pal. While working at my bench, the horses often poke their heads through the open door and beg for carrots. Pal just likes to lie around, sometimes coming over for attention.